8 Ton Pulley Block

Artikelnummer: MDCPAPBK150
33,89 inclusive Steuer

This heavy duty 8 ton pulley block is suitable for both steel and synthetic* ropes up to 14mm.

It comes complete with a grease nipple allowing continued free running of the pulley wheel.

The main body is coated with a tough powder coated finish and the roller is finished with a durable zinc/galvanised finish.

This is a great piece of equipment for use by 4x4 and recovery truck winches.

A very important piece of equipment for anyone taking a vehicle off road.


  • Overall Size = 130mm x 250mm x 40mm
  • Hole Size = 75mm
  • Roller Size = 100mm x 21mm
  • Pin Size = 27mm
  • Maximum Capacity 8000 kg