About Us

MUDSTER Romania was founded by an owner and lover of Renault Dacia Duster, who gathered in his team people with the same passion.

Since the launch, Duster has enjoyed an unexpectedly number of buyers. The performances and the price of this vehicle fueled the desire of buying for thousands of people around the world. So, Duster has become the best selling SUV in the world !.

MUDSTER adds true this machine by changing it in use on the roads inaccessible (covered with snow, mud, obstacles) in offroad, etc. Also, some products are for comfort, practicality and aesthetics such as leather upholstery kit and kit heated front seats.

MUDSTER provides exclusively:

  • Snorkel Renault Dacia DUSTER
  • Slip Dacia DUSTER
  • Metal bar rear spare tire carrier and tow whom

Please see our store and to customize Duster according to your appliance !