Federal Couragia A/T 215/70 R16 tires

All Season Federal Couragia A/T 215/70 R16 tires
$72.18 incl tax
  • Vehicle category: Offroad / 4x4
  • Season: All Season
  • Size: 215/70 R16
  • Load index (LI): 100
  • SI: T
  • Profile: Couragia A/ T

Federal incorporates the latest technology, Couragia A / T secure grip and comfort at high speeds, with maximum efficiency grooves ensures optimal water dispersion, providing maximum safety on any terrain.


  • Wide grooves with excellent adhesion on and off road.
  • Design of zigzag grooves enhances the ability of water dispersion, providing adhesion on surfaces with mud and snow.
  • Low noise.