Product returns

Returning Items

Returning the products can be applied in any of the following:
-were delivered other products than those ordered, which should be reported in the shortest time - maximum 24 hours of their receipt by the buyer, in order to be replaced with the correct one; In this case, transport costs will be borne entirely by the seller
-Products are not conform with the specifications described on our website. In this case the situation will be closed by replacing it with other products or returning the value. In this case, transport costs will be borne entirely by the seller

- The products do not work; in this case their return must be made within 24 hours from their receipt by the buyer, in order to be replaced with similar products.
- Products with visibly damaged packages at the receipt from the courier, case when the products are returned to the courier immediately, for replacing with similar products
-Products that have failed within the warranty period, notwithstanding the fulfillment of all the conditions specified in terms of granting Guarantees, and are returned for repair or replacement with similar products in this case, transport costs will be paid by the customer.

For the following categories of products/ services, the refund it is not accepted :
-Service whose performance has begun, with the consumer's agreement, before the expiry of 10 working days term
-Products / services whose price depends on fluctuations in the financial market which can not be controlled by the seller
-Products manufactured at the consumer's specifications or clearly personalized products and those which by their nature can not be returned or are liable to deteriorate or expire rapidly
-supplies which were unsealed by the customer, including those shipped with equipment
-extensions of guarantees.

The seller may refuse to return under the following circumstances:
-Committing Injuries of customers (repeated returns)
Products for wear / install marks, bumps, scratches, shock, mechanical or electrical, packaging, including identification labels are damaged or incomplete, or missing documentation, accessories, etc. back

As an exception, the seller reserves the right to decide in some cases to accept the return of products that does not meet the above return, while retaining an amount of the value of the products, the assessment of damages suffered, an amount that will be communicated to customers.

Returned products must be accompanied by the following documents:
tax bill (copy)
warranty certificate (original)
return number (RMA)

To return one or more products must follow the steps described below:
Go to My Account menu and then select the Commands section
Click Return of the command of which the product to be returned. Page will be displayed Return Request - item (s) in the command #
Select the Quantity column list the number of products you want to return
From the list select the reason for returning the reason for requesting the return (for example: I received a product different from the ordered product does not work, etc.)
From the list you select your request regarding the return (eg repair, replacement, refund, etc.) Optionally, you can enter additional information Entries field on return
Click Send request. A confirmation message will be displayed informing you that the application was submitted your return successfully.

After using the option of return My Account menu you can view in the section Requests Return Return requests sent by you and their condition. You will be informed by email about the status of your return request.

Note: Returning Items from this site is available only for completed orders.