User Account

user accountIn this store, your identification as a customer is based on your user account. Although you may visit the store without having an user account, many facilities are available to you only after you register on this site.

The main advantages of having an user account are:

  • the opportunity to purchase desired products at any time of day or night
  • your own shopping cart, which does not lose its contents when you exit the store
    So you can stop your shoppings anytime, and when you return in this store you will find the shopping cart unaffected and you can continue your order
  • your own Wish list, which does not lose its contents when you exit the store
    Have you found a product in this store and you want to purchase it later? Do not miss your choice! Place the product in your wishlist. The product will remain there waiting for you. If you decide to buy the product, all you have to do is to move it from your wish list in shopping cart. You can also remove the product from your wish list anytime
  • your own address book that can be used whenever purchase a product.
    Thus, for any order you place it is enough to choose the billing and delivery addresses from your address book, without having to enter the required addresses each time
  • access to your orders history
  • the experience of customized visit in this store.
    You have immediate access to the recently viewed products
  • special prices and discounts depending on the volume of purchases made by you in this store
    You may also qualify for other additional benefits such as earning fidelity points, and use them to make shoppings in this store
  • access to reviews on products made by other customers in this store
    Find out what others think about our products, so that you may knowingly choose to buy or not. You may also publish your own product reviews helping others to make theirs best choises.
  • the opportunity to contribute yourself to open forum discussions on our dedicated store forum

All your user account information (contact information, address book, orders history, etc.) is automatically considered confidential. Use of this information is subject to the Privacy Policy terms and conditions.

The user account is specific to a wide range of online shops managed by Advanced Solutions for Small Business SRL.


User accounts are created by registration using the dedicated registration form.

In order to register, you must provide the following information:

  1. personal information:
    • gender
    • first name
    • last name
    • birth date
    • email address
  2. company information (only if you represent a company):
    • company name
    • VAT number
  3. your address:
    • street address
    • address details
    • zip
    • city/county
    • district
    • country
  4. your contact information:
    • telephone number
    • fax number (optional)
  5. additional options:
    • news subscription option
  6. preferences
    • time zone – selected from the existing list
  7. Password
    • When you enter the password, every entered character is replaced with "x" character, so it can not be seen by anyone while you type. This is the reason why you must enter the password twice, to eliminate the risk of a mistyped password, which would disable your user account and make it inoperative.

The information requested is necessary to login to your account and then benefit from the advantages described above.

After validating your registration, you have a user account. Details regarding your user account are available in My Account menu.

At your specific request, one of the authorized employees of the store is able to create for you a user account. Now you are able to update your user account, add more information, download free or demo downloadable products and so on.

Authentication (login)

User authentication is done using the email address and password submitted upon registration.

Login page is displayed by selecting Login available on the top bar of the site.

In order to authenticate (log in):

  • in Email fild enter your email address
  • in Password field enter your password
  • click on Login button

Note: To save your password in the system mark Remember me option.

Manage Your Account

You can see My Account menu only after authentication. The menu includes the following sections:

Identification In this section you can modify and update your personal information provided at registration
Addresses In this section you may enter as many billing and delivery addresses as you wish and use them during checkout.
You can also place and update the addresses anytime.
Orders In this section you can view al the information regarding placed orders (ordered products, billing address, delivery address, etc.).
Your order can be saved as a PDF file or can be printed.
Return Requests In this section the customer can track the status of the return requests. This section appears when placing the first return request.
Downloadable products If the customer ordered a downloadable product, this is the section where the product can be downloaded. Permission to download the product is granted only when the status of the order is completed.
Fidelity Points In this section the customer can view all the reward points gained for the orders you placed on this site.
Change password In this section you are allowed to change your old password with a new one.
Avatar In this section you can upload an image to represent you on the store forum. The file must be a GIF or JPG and have a maximum 20kb.